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When it comes to water management, the Netherlands are the leading experts worldwide. Why settle for less? We’ll get you the dredging solution you NEED!

Peerless expertise and experience in battling water

The Suction and Cutter Dredgers delivered by BIG Dredging are fully engineered and built in our factory located in the Netherlands. The BIG Dredgers are positioned by using spud legs and anchor winches to ensure the maneuverability.

Dredgers are available in many different sizes and models for all kind of dredging projects starting with the question ‘which dredging capacity is required and what kind of material will be dredged?’’

  • Advice in selecting your Suction or Cutter Dredger by using a smart digital questionnaire provided by our product managers.
  • Starting with the smaller dredgers who are available from a capacity of 450 up to 2.450 m3/h and larger dredging vessels with a capacity starting with 3.500 up to 11.000 m3/h.

Custom-made or modular based dredgers

For each specific situation, BIG Dredging has developed a program of suction dredgers, booster stations and soil pressure systems, designed for modular construction. This modular design for the large components, such as pontoons and power supply of brands like Caterpillar, Volvo or John Deere, maximizes the flexibility and minimizes the costs.

HDD dredge Pumps used for the BIG dredgers

All suction dredgers and cutter dredgers are provided with the HDD Dredge Pumps. The HDD Dredge Pumps used by BIG Dredging are completely designed, engineered in house. The advantage of having our own Dredge Pump range is creating more know-how and possibilities to improve our product and to give our customers the right and best product by the first step of choosing their dredger till the end of using it and by keeping it using each job.

Computer controlled

All dredgers can be equipped with computer control systems in keeping the latest technological developments for positioning, handling and extracting control. An optional satellite-supported dGPS navigation system can additionally be installed for the purpose of exact and reproducible positioning.

BIG Dredging supplies three different power drives depending on your dredging requirements and location.

– Direct diesel drive of the dredgers.
– Diesel/electric drive: all pumps powered by one diesel generator on board.
– Fully electric drive with energy supply from the shore.

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