Additional Components

Dredging equipment or a dredge is a piece of equipment used for excavation in underwater applications.

For faster deployment, BIG Dredging offers the accessories you need to run your complete dredging line on your project. You can install additional components that provide advanced features for working with your dredging equipment.

Booster stations

Long discharge distance? The Booster Stations supplied by BIG Dredging are placed in the discharge pipelines when pumping beyond the maximum discharge distance or for keeping a high capacity of stationary dredgers or HDD Submersible Dredge Pumps.

All BIG Dredging booster stations can be supplied for the complete dredger and submersible dredge pumps range. The Booster stations are designed to be built into a sound proof container with the pump casing on the outside, which ensures the inside of the container cannot be polluted with sand in case of the pump casing breaking down.

In principle all booster stations are situated on the shore. When they are required to be placed on the water we supply a special set of pontoons, provided with 3 manually operated winches to position the floating booster station on the water.

Last but not least BIG Dredging booster stations meet with all legislative worldwide demands regarding safety and environment.

Power packs

BIG Dredging hydraulic power packs for industrial applications are available in an endless variety of pressure and flow ranges, reservoir capacities, materials and fluid compatibility specially designed for our range of dredging materials.

Our customers have the choice of two different types of power packs for different applications.
- Stand-alone power packs
- Auxiliary power packs

Power packs can be supplied as a sound proof (closed) set and non-sound proof (open) set.

Dredge Control Systems

Real Time dredging information systems are designed for dredging equipment such as (amphibious) excavators, standard dredgers, backhoe dredgers and crane buckets.
The position of the dredging tool in relation to the defined dredging area and area topography is presented in a clear manner. With a high degree of accuracy the operator on board can follow the dredging process under the water line.

In this way the efficiency and production of each project can be improved.

The software has following capabilities;

  • Dredging progress can be accurately monitored in real time by loading and displaying a color banded 3-D model (DTM – Digital Terrain Model) of the seabed, and updating it from the dredge head positions.
  • The models can be color-banded relative to each other, or relative to a local tide.
  • The dredge head position can be measured and adjusted for tide and draft before displaying over the model and updating it.
  • Profiles can be drawn across and along the track through the dredge heads, and will show the following:
    • Both actual and theoretical seabed models.
    • The vessel in profile.
    • The dredge head positions.
  • Specialized cutter-dredger routines allow for spud and cutter head calculations, and a transverse profile can be drawn around the curve, which the head will follow.
  • Dredging dump option. Size of dump can be specified and DTM is updated on icon press or menu click.
  • Data can be transmitted to other vessels e.g. other dredgers and dump barges, so all digging and dumping can be seen by everyone, and all vessel positions can be monitored.
  • Multiple tide gauges can be used.
  • DXF display routines are available to show soundings and coastline files.
  • Other display windows can be added to the screen, such as
    • Color legend.
    • Attitude display to compare gyro, course made good and design heading.
    • Histograms for cross-course and position quality.

Floating Pipelines

BIG Dredging delivers 3 types of floating discharge pipelines for transporting the material to the spool:
• Discharge pipe make of Steel
• Discharge pipe make of HDPE pipe
• Discharge pipe make of UHMWE pipe

To make the pipe floating we offer the following types:
• Floats made of pipe sections
• Floats made of pontoons
• Floats made of synthetic material
• Floating rubber hoses

As special option we can make a bridge on the steel solutions. BIG Dredging is willing to advise you which discharge pipe is the best for your situation. Interested in what BIG Dredging can do for you or do you have any specific questions about our products and services?

Feel free to contact us for more information!

Work boats

BIG Dredging offers a large variety of all sorts of useful boats for the dredging industry and other industries. Solid, efficient and of course very reliable under all circumstances.

Work boats are indispensable at nearly every dredging side. When designing a complete dredging systems for any situation BIG Dredging will always include a proposal for these essential elements for the whole picture.

We provide a broad selection of work boats for easy access of the dredger, for the crew and all necessary supplies, spare parts, maintenance tools, gasoline and more.
BIG Dredging provides Mono Hull boats, Multi-pontoon work boats and crew vessels.

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