Amphibious Excavators

The BIG amphibious excavator / swamp buggy is a highly unique machine designed to work in marshy, swampy area and soft terrain, where it can also float on water as an added safety feature.

The amphibious excavator is completely self-propelled. This makes that it can access all terrains. Together with the HDD Submersible Dredge Pump as attachment, the Amphibious Excavator is a multi-purposed dredger. The amphibious undercarriage can be used with different type of brands and models.

Amphibious Undercarriages

The well designed Amphibious Undercarriages provide you great mobility to work in swampy area and soft terrain, where it can also float on water as an added safety feature.

The Amphibious Undercarriages meets all Safety Requirements and comes with part book, operation manual and CE declaration.

Optional equipment:
- High efficient HDD Submersible Dredge Pumps
- Additional side pontoons with 6 meter spuds. (To work in deeper water up to 4 meter)
- Thrusters for extra power driving through the water
- Extra inside pontoon fuel tanks

Specially designed

The conventional hydraulic excavator is not able to work or to work safe in every situation. All waterways come in different forms and need special attention for a special piece of equipment.

The Amphibious Excavator is specially designed for situations like dredging lakes and ports, deepening of river delta’s, oil exploration and much more where soft and marshy grounds are encountered.

OEM Solutions

BIG Dredging is official supplier in attachments of excavators and we are able to supply OEM solutions of different brands.

We are able to supply you original maintenance packages for the same price as at the dealer.

This means you will find all necessary needs at one place.

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