Dredge Pumps

Top quality Sand and Gravel Pumps

BIG Dredging demands a high standard for its sand and gravel pumps. The HDD pump components are produced with the best available materials. The HDD pumps are available with single and double curved impellers.

Dredge pump 150 - 6 inch

Dredge Pump

DP 150 - 6 inch

Dredge pump DP 200

Dredge Pump

DP 200 – 8 inch

Dredge Pump DP 250 – 10 inch

Dredge Pump

DP 250 – 10 inch

HDD Dredge Pump 300

Dredge Pump

DP 300 – 12 inch

Dredge pump 350 – 14 inch

Dredge Pump

DP 350 – 14 inch

Dredge Pump 400 – 16 inch

Dredge Pump

DP 400 – 16 inch

Dredge Pump 450 – 18 inch

Dredge Pump

DP 450 – 18 inch

DP 550 – 22 inch

Dredge Pump

DP 550 – 22 inch

Dredge Pump 650 – 26 inch

Dredge Pump

DP 650 – 26 inch

Dredge pump 750 – 30 inch

Dredge Pump

DP 750 – 30 inch

Innovative design

BIG Dredging offers a wide product range of the best inboard and underwater dredge pumps made with wear parts of Nihard 4 or 62 HRC produced in the Netherlands. The Innovative design creates a high performance. You can make a choice out of our standard products or you could ask us for a proposal to design one especially for you.

High concetration

The HDD Dredge Pumps (DP) dredge a high concentration.

This high efficiency is caused by the double curved impeller blades.

For use in a dry environment a 60% level is needed to make the pump self-priming.

Dredge pumps

BIG Dredging can deliver a wide range of pumps, suitable for both sand and gravel, as well as clay. High-pressure and low-pressure pumps, small and large pumps, single-walled and double-walled, above or under water, electrically or hydraulically driven.

We have the Dredge Pump for each situation.

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