Custom made dredgers

BIG Dredging supplies special dredgers for special processes. Dredgers for easy transport and for deep water dredging. All dredgers are equipped with the special HDD Dredge Pump. The HDD Dredge Pump is a high efficient pump. The high efficiency is caused by the improvement of double curved impeller blades.

Cutter Suction Dredger containerized

The HDD CSD-C is designed for easy transport worldwide. This is achieved by building the complete dredger by means of container modules which can be transported by a container vessel. The dredger can be mobilized in a very short time. Another advantage of this kind of modular design is the easy upgrade to a larger pump size by replacing complete modules/components.

The CSD-C is built with an Xmas tree instead of spud poles. This system has the advantage of easier reposition of the dredger and it makes it possible to work at greater depths.

At the front there is a cutter platform. The winches are placed in a frame. The crane beam can reach both sand pump and the cutter crown. The ladder is made of a box profile, which makes it easy to divide the ladder and position the sand pump under water.

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CSD-Deep Suction Dredger

The CSD-D: Cutter Suction Dredger Deep cutting is built for greater depths.

When the cutting depth exceeds 22 meters it becomes increasingly difficult to counterbalance the occurring forces with a containerized pontoon. We created a solution for this situation whereby the cutter ladder runs around the outside of the dredger. This wide ladder construction causes the torsion forces to be counteracted at the bottom end where the cutter unit is situated. By placing the pontoons further apart cutting up to a depth of as deep as 80 meters becomes a possibility.

The CSD-D is equipped with an Xmas tree instead of spud poles. This system has the advantage of it being easier to reposition the dredger and enabling working at greater depths.

This dredger can be equipped with a special connectable suction tube, whereby profile dredging is also an option.

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BIG Dredging supplies all sorts of tools and instruments for the dredging industry.

- Diesel driven hydraulic power pack
- Generator set

Work Boats / Pontoons
- Mono Hull
- Multi-pontoon work boat
- Crew vessel
- Pontoon

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