Custom Made

Custom Made Products

We produce a wide range of dredging equipment that are long proven to be highly successful in the Dredging Industry. Our dredging equipment is used for dredging inland waterways, ports, Hydroelectric power plants and other operational areas world wide.

Our goal is to design and make bespoke Dredging Products to meet your exact need.

Our Custom Made Dredging Services is for those who can not find what they are looking for anywhere else on the market.


Design and Engineering

BIG Dredging is proud to offer high flexibility regarding the customer’s requirements. Dredging equipment and systems for almost all thinkable situations which may occur during gravel and sand extraction in inland waterways can be supplied.

If standard solutions do not fulfill the needs, BIG Dredging will design systems and components especially for the respective demand. Each and every product delivered by BIG Dredging represents a piece made of bespoken nature.

Our pumps

Long life, high reliability, low maintenance costs, high efficiency – these have always been the properties of the HDD pumps. This standard for sand and gravel pumps is one that BIG Dredging considers of most importance. The design of the HDD pumps shows state of art engineering and offers the maximum and highest in efficiency and reliability. Wear parts such as impellers or housings can be ex-changed without much effort, keeping operating costs low, shutdown periods short.

Evolution of BIG Dredging

We always appreciate our customers feedback. We consider this as a valuable asset. Our design consists of listening and learning from our clients.

Start up process


Project commissioning

Project commissioning is the process of assuring that all systems and components supplied by BIG Dredging are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to the operational requirements of the final client.

BIG Dredging is able to provide you the specialist you need on side. Commissioning will be performed by a BIG Dredging Field Service engineer.

Commissioning by a BIG Dredging Field Service engineer makes sure your equipment is well prepared and ready for operation.

Delivery services

BIG Dredging delivery services

BIG Dredging makes sure you receive your equipment safely, on time all over the world. We have access to worldwide logistic networks to handle all deliveries around the globe.

Mode of transport:
– Land transport
– Water transport
– Air transport


Warranty Support

We trust in building relationship with our customers. By keeping in contact with our customers regularly we are always aware of what is going on.

By choosing original spare parts and service carried out by our authorized technicians, we offer the greatest reliability for you.

As BIG Dredging it is our responsibility to safeguard the warranty procedure and conditions to our customers. On delivery each customer is introduced to our warranty procedure.

We know all our own manufactured products inside out. But, by processing all warranty claims in a detailed warranty database we know how to act best in case customers need support.

Maintenance solutions

The importance of preventative maintenance is evident: it contributes to preventing unnecessary stoppages, excessive wear and additional costs. Therefore BIG Dredging offer maintenance solutions which is about helping customers perform preventive maintenance in order to maximize efficiency and minimize operational costs.

Preventative inspections form part of preventative maintenance with the objective to prevent potential defects in the future. It is important that this work is carried out professionally, systematically and thoroughly. BIG Dredging offers preventative services carried out by our highly qualified service engineers.

Technical Assistance

Covering the dredging equipments entire life cycle – BIG Dredging delivers world wide technical assistance to optimal product performance and reliability.

With our worldwide service network, we can deliver the right person for the job. BIG Dredging Services provides solutions for every possible field of expertise.


A well trained operation team makes all the difference at the job. Therefor BIG Dredging has created it’s own training program to give his customers the best skilled, trusted and dedicated employees.

BIG Dredging recommend to invest in your employees’ knowledge and skills to improve your performance and expand your business.

We offer standard training programs as personalized training programs.

Parts and Components

BIG Dredging offers competitive prices, fast and efficient deliveries. Long life, high reliability, low  maintenance costs and high efficiency – these have always been the properties of the HDD pumps.

This standard for sand and gravel pumps and all other equipment is one that BIG Dredging considers of most importance for the customers.

You can order (spare) parts directly from BIG Dredging by email or telephone.

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